After the Pandemic: Positive Takeaways and a Look at the Claims of Tomorrow

We were knocked down, but we got back up. When COVID-19 caught the world—including the construction and insurance industries—off balance in early 2020, no person or industry was spared from the direct impacts.

The insurance industry was forced to pivot, like everyone else; and, by extension, downstream effects reached the litigation and expert-witness fields that support that industry.

From government shutdowns, shuttered construction sites, business interruption, travel restrictions, and new coverage questions, there was no shortage of uncertainty or questions levied upon the industry.

As 2021 arrived, the world was still dealing with the pandemic. However, we remained anxious to get it in the rearview mirror.

Moreover, given the destructive impacts of the pandemic, the best way to discuss it—and the positives that came from it—is to generically refer to it and not call it by name.

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